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Al-Muhibbah Foundation is aiming to establish a hospital and a multi purpose center in the nearest future.

Our Goal is to provide quality healthcare services at a subsidized rate to the less privileged in our society.

With the support of our International Partners, AMF hopes to build a world class hospital that will tackle challenging medical issues. We hope our international partners will provide technical as well as financial support that will enable us achieve this.

The hospital will have a pharmacy that will sell medicine at a very subsidized rate for the less privileged people.

The Multi Purpose Center will have a skill Aquisition center that will train the less privileged in various skills i.e sewing, catering, furniture making, soap/detergent making and any other skill that will help initiate small scale business.


18th - 23rd November 2013

AMF with ECDI canada, training teachers of children with special needs.


Our vision is to increase the scope of our

activities to touch as many lives as possible.




Water Project         Show Water Projects

Constructed Motorized boreholes and overhead water tanks at cemetaries, orphanages, schools, rural communities, as part of our Burial Ground Rehabilitation and Potable Water Provission Schemes.


21st March 2011

One of the Multiple Water Project Models.

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