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Al-Muhibbah Foundation activities cut across geography, gender, and religion. We provide donations to orphanages, schools, religious groups, and rural communities across Nigeria.

Our donations are mainly targeted at women, the youth, and physically challenged persons.

In addition to renovation of burial grounds, we provide tools, equipment, and skills that are necessary to initiate self-employment and self-reliance.

We also build boreholes for rural communities, donate medical facilities and medication to healthcare institutions, as well as donate education materials to schools.


April 2012

Founder AMF DR. Aishatu Bala Mohammed, Supervising a Medical Equipment and Drug delivery made to karmajiji Primary Health Care Center.


Our vision is to increase the scope of our

activities to touch as many lives as possible.




Water Project         Show Water Projects

Constructed Motorized boreholes and overhead water tanks at cemetaries, orphanages, schools, rural communities, as part of our Burial Ground Rehabilitation and Potable Water Provission Schemes.


21st March 2011

One of the Multiple Water Project Models.

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